Sunday, August 31, 2008

Now or things fell into place when I least expected it

Part of my motivation for writing this particular blog today is to encourage women, especially older women, to go ahead and follow that dream you've been dreaming. Maybe it hasn't happened yet, doesn't mean it won't. If the opportunity knocks, go for it. Took me 43 years to get to my own horses but it was a dream that stayed with me until I finally said, "Now or never." Well, that's what I told my husband, back in January '04, who just happens to be a great supporter of whatever I've wanted to do in my life.

I've been extremely fortunate that way. He's my partner in every way and is always there to lend a helping hand. Besides, that, he's a great stable hand, property manager, fence fixer, tree cutter, barn fixer, name it he can do it and does it all willingly with that beautiful bright smile of his.

But, I'm still of a mind if a person really wants something bad enough, works hard enough, it can happen, you can make it happen, even if you're over 40!

I started working as an assistant horseback riding instructor at a summer camp when I was 43 yo, with only 6 basic riding lessons under my belt, and very little actual horse interaction. I was hired for the summer camp because the barn manager, my riding instructor, needed another staff person, quick, and I jumped at the chance when asked. I was fine with being the assistant because I figured everyone else would be much more experienced. My co-workers were all under the age of 21, and all but one had worked at the camp previously.

I had always been a student of horse behavior though had not been privileged to observe it in the real horse world, except on RFD-tv. After my "now or never" decision, I had spent previous months honing up on various clinician techniques. Ordered a variety of books on horse training, riding, horse behavior etc.

However, I felt that the internship at the camp would be the greatest school I could attend. Many mornings as I arrived at the barn and we readied the horses for the riders, I would have to remind myself that indeed, I was finally where I wanted to be, this was really happening. You have to understand, I never would have pictured myself working at a barn simply because I never thought it possible. There aren't many riding facilities available in this part of Southern Ohio. I was lucky this facility existed and that I happened to be in the right place at the right time. The right events fell into place. I felt as if God had given me the oppotunity on a silver platter. "Here you go, now do with it what you will, or don't..."

You see, if my son had never met the manager, I would not have taken riding lessons from her. I never would have spent the summer emersed in horses. I never would have worked at the riding facility after camp was over. And, I certainly never would have learned everything I learned about horses, which in turn helped me be a better horseperson with my own horses. Because of this experience, I felt confident in finding and purchasing my horses that October. Whew! See how things seem to have fallen into place?

I fully believe if you leave your heart open, listen to the whispers, many things will come to you, at the right time in your life. Not always when you want them or expect them to come, but at the time that is best for you, often when you least expect it.


Mrs Mom said...


Just, AMEN.

What a fantastic post. And Oh So TRUE!!!

Keep riding girl ;)

LJS82 said...

Thanks! Encouragement always welcome! I've been working on Hubby this week so he can feel the joy in riding too! He's becoming more comfortable. He's coming along nicely! Feels good to be able to share with him.