Tuesday, October 14, 2008

FHOTD is much more than its first impression

When I first started looking around for horse related blogs, I noticed that one blog stood out, often referred to, so I figured I should check it out. The blog is Fugly Horse of the day, aka FHOTD.

At first I was annoyed, a little angry. I don't like negativity, there's plenty of it to go around these days. The first picture I saw on this page was of a severely starving horse. Some of the wording in the blog was harsh. I clicked out figuring it wasn't my kind of blog.

As time went on, more and more of the blogs I like to read were still referring back to FHOTD. Sometimes good, sometimes outraged. Once again, I decided to check back with FHOTD. This time, I read, and I understood the message. I wasn't angered at the blogger anymore. I am a convert, probably like many others. FHOTD brings alot of common sense to nonsensical breeding and horse treatment. I cannot believe the conditions people allow their horses to exist in. I am one of those people who really enjoys life in a perfect little bubble, too bad, life isn't like that.

I hope, through FOHTD blogs, there are people who will change their ways about senseless breeding and treatment of horses. There will always be people who are too, I really hate to use the word dumb, but that's as simple as it gets, to care about the horses in their care. It sickens me to read about the creatures FHOTD posts about, as I'm sure it does anyone who loves horses. I also realize, that out there in the real world, out of my safe little bubble, there are terrible things that happen to horses every day.

So, to FHOTD, sorry for misjudging your intentions. I GET IT NOW!!! Keep up the good work for a good cause! Sometimes folks need a kick in the pants and that's what FHOTD does.


Laura Crum said...

You know, I had pretty much the same response. I appreciate what fugly does now. At many times I disagree with her, and I do think she needs to be wary of "power corrupts" syndrome, but overall, she is doing the world a service. She gets my vote. I would recommend you look to mugwump for training tips, though.

LJS82 said...

I do read Mugwump Chronicles and enjoy her posts. You are right to recommend Mugwump Chronicles. Mugwump's stories are well written. Her training techniques, as she describes them, are simple to comprehend and use. They are also loaded with common sense, and she takes the horse into consideration always. I even like her "gruff" approach to the world!

I don't always agree with FHOTD either. I like the saying that goes something like this: Stupidity is being aware of what you're doing but going ahead and doing it anyway. Ignorance is not knowing it was wrong in the first place. I use to tell my boys this when they were growing up. I have to put 98% of FHOTD people she writes about in the stupid category.