Friday, November 21, 2008

Book Review-Deadly Heritage by Toni Leland

Deadly Heritage (2008 Parallel Press, imprint of Equine Graphics Publishing Group) is the first title I've read of Toni Leland's horse-fiction titles. Since discovering so many wonderful horse-fiction writers at Equestrian Ink, I'm planning on checking out her other titles as well.

Deadly Heritage takes the reader on a suspenseful ride entwined with relationship issues, mystery and long lost love rekindled. Kellie Sutton has to turn to the man who's heart she broke many years before, and ask for help in solving the mysterious wounds taking down her prize Quarter Horses one by one. Ed Campbell returns to town as the local sheriff. He never lost his feelings for Kellie, but he has to keep them under wraps for more than one reason.

Leland deftly captures the emotions of dealing with sick horses and the unknowns of desperately searching for answers. At times, Kellie feels helpless. Amid the chaos, she deals with a jerk of an ex-husband and also tries to keep her daughter's life as normal as possible. The supporting characters are likeable and of course various creepy characters thrown in to keep things hopping.

Events are fast paced. Writing clean and emotional at times, especially when Kellie is dealing with her sick horses.

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