Monday, February 16, 2009

Punch #2, TKO, Mother Nature 2-0

Wednesday (the 11th) a series of extremely severe storms raged through S. Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, among other states. I believe it was the same system that spawned several devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma. We were hit hard with wind resulting in a nasty storm around 5pm and then 3 hours later, hours and hours of high winds reaching upwards of 70mph. I am literally, worn out.

Yes, our power was out for another 4 days. Total this year now stands at our personal homestead record of 9 days within the first three weeks of February.

More trees, limbs, dangerous debris, I was thankful snow and ice did not follow. Our loss this time around, one aged maple tree, we loved,which managed to split and hit #2 son's '89 Ford Ranger and our '98 Kia, plus the front end of my hay building. I was again, thankful, that was all of the personal damage we experienced. The Ranger is drivable, only the bed damaged. The Kia, well, at this point, Hubby has decided he does not want to spend time repairing because of all the other work these storms have produced for him around here. I am with him on that. He has already found someone who wants a shot at fixing the little car up for a newly driving teenager.

The animals survived fine. The horses stayed back ends parked into the depths of their stall. The dogs huddled in their houses during the winds of Wednesday night. I, however, could not sleep. The roar of the winds were too much for me. I kept a radio close by and tried to nap in the recliner in our living room through the night.

The sunshine of the following day was definitely a stress reliever. I had to be at a hospital that day for tests. My nerves are already on end because I had to be removed from my thyroid medication over two weeks ago and am enduring a low iodine diet for the tests. My energy level is at the lowest it's ever been so these events have worn me down so far, I don't have much to fight with when it comes to stresses. I'm hoping to be through that part after tomorrow's doctor's visit.

I keep thinking in, my low ebb, I should not be hoping for Spring if these storms are any indication of what those months my bring our way, but, you have to hope for better times. So far, I'm sorry to say, 2009 has not started out in a very good way for us.


Linda said...

I'm sorry to hear about your losses--glad you and your horses are safe though. I can't believe the bad weather that has struck you. I would imagine it's over now for good. Let's hope. You'll be in my thoughts as you clean up around your house.

LJS82 said...

Thanks Linda! I can see spring! The horses are starting to lose their winter coats. I noticed lots of loose hairs this week as I was petting them. With my health issues keeping me subdued right now, I am SO looking forward to spending more time with them, but according to my doctor, that may take a while. I never expected all this other stuff with my health after the thyroidectomy. It seemed really simple at the time!