Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Book-Ten Feet Tall, Still by Julie Suhr

I absolutely loved this book! What a life Julie Suhr has had, a full one indeed.

Written in an easy flow as if she's sitting right there telling you her story of her endurance riding life. Honest. Vivid. Loving toward the many horses she's been involved with, yet very sensitive and down to earth. Amazingly, Julie didn't get into endurance riding and The Tevis Cup until she was in her 40's, in the 1960's, when endurance riding was still a relatively new sport, especially for women.

As the cover states: "The very personal 70-year odyssey of a woman who still pursues her childhood passion."

Often, these kinds of non-fiction books can be laborous and tend to be boring but not the case with this one. Each chapter is a story in itself about a particular aspect of Julie's experiences through the years. She spends much time on the favorite subject, the horses who have carried her, always helping her feel Ten Feet Tall.

Later chapters she devotes to the horses she lost along the way. I actually put off reading that chapter for a few days, but once I started reading she handled it with dignity. She describes being torn at making the decisions she had to make on the lives and deaths of some of her horse partners. Sometimes, not sure if she'd made the right choice. She never wanted her horses to suffer.

She covers the aspect of getting older and still riding. I am truly amazed by this woman!

The publisher makes aware the fact that all profits from the sale of the book will be donated to the American Endurance Ride Converence Trails Committee and the Western States Trails Foundation Trails Committee. What a wonderful contribution to her sport.

I highly recommend this book as a look into one woman's journey through the world of endurance riding if at all interested in the sport. Many things have changed over the years, but some have remained the same.

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