Thursday, May 7, 2009

And do you want some whine with that cheese???

OK, here I go again. I was getting groundwork done with both horses. My guys were responding great, then the rains hit us once again.

I saddled Bo up a couple of Sunday's ago. A beautiful, sunny, spring day! I was impressed and delighted that he stood still while I mounted. We've had to work on that for a long time. He was in the habit of walking off as soon as I lifted my foot to the stirrup. I thought I was going to get some great riding time in that day, alas, Bo decided to be a butt-head. I don't want to talk about the incident in detail right now, but I will later. Let's just say, he had it in his mind he wasn't gonna do one darn thing he didn't want to do that day, except the standing still while mounting part. I was too ticked off to ride him again. I should have, but I didn't. I did make him walk back out to the field on a lead and do some circles, stops, backs and forwards. I was ticked off for a few days over the incident. One thing that happens to me, physically, when I get scared, is that the adrenaline rush makes me shaky and I have to wait to calm down. Result of 13 years of T1 diabetes.

ANYWAY, we have been deluged by rain for almost two weeks now. Mud, once again, up to horse hocks, and my ankles, in the corral area. I'm extremely thankful Hubby extended the roof of the shelter and the mats from the open stall space so the horses have a nice big dry area to spend under roof time, but it's getting out to the field that's like a Florida swamp. There's sloppy mud out in the field. It's really frustrating. I'm not talking mud you can simply work through, if I try to work the guys out in the field, they'll just be slipping. I'll be slipping. It's just not worth it. So, I'm once again back to being behind in my imagined schedule of training and riding. I make a calendar each month to record what I accomplish. April looks pretty sad at the end. May is basically empty so far.

I feel like I'm always whining about this part of my horse life but it's just not something that worked into my "plan". Kind of like the hay problem I couldn't seem to get a hold on. Fortunately the hay problem has subsided a bit. I can turn the guys out into the front field for a few hours of grass grazing now which cuts back on their hay intake. I also have made contact with a very helpful farmer who owns a feed supply store and he's going to try to keep hay for me since we've talked about my need for hay year around.

More rain and storms Friday and Saturday. This too shall pass....................I think I'll go fix a ham and Swiss cheese sandwich while I ponder my predicament for a few more minutes.

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