Thursday, January 28, 2010

Technology Eludes Me

At one time I felt I had a handle on the tech world, well, at least I could handle email and the internet. That was ten years ago. When I interviewed for the position of Library Branch Manager, back in 2001, the interviewers were interested in my email ability. They were pleased I could indeed handle email. Nothing more was ever asked about my tech abilities and as a branch manager, I really didn't find myself doing much more than internet and email. Thank goodness for their great IT department!

My husband is knowledgeable about computer tech stuff, although he'll tell you he's not THAT knowledgeable. Come on, Honey, you spent two years debugging software and setting up a computer system to integrate information! I guess he's just being modest about his capabilities. I, on the other hand, have not entered the 21st Century!  At least that's how I feel as I watched Steve Jobs' presentation of the new Apple iPad yesterday evening. Hubby likes to watch G4 sometimes. If you, or anyone in your household is a computer nerd, geek, whatever the title, you've probably heard or seen this network. I was stunned. I felt even more techno challenged. I use a pay-as-you-go cell phone and we still use a land line telephone in our rural home. Though, we do have satellite internet otherwise we'd be left to the mercy of dial up or driving miles to the library.

I think my problem with computer and electronic tech, at my age (48 soon to be 49), is the fact that I just don't care to keep up with the constant changes. I feel I'm from another time anyway. I'm pretty sure that's why I'm comfortable with my horses. They are of another time and those of us who keep horses in our lives, may often find their simplicity is what draws us to them. Even with all the gadgets one can buy for their horses, I find myself falling back on the good old simple stuff.

I had to buy a new land line phone. It's charging. I'm more than happy that it was very simple to set up. Living in a rural area, our cell phone range isn't good so we keep a land line. I read the other day that the land line phones will be obsolete in the next ten years. That's how I feel some days, obsolete! I can only imagine how folks in their 70's, and beyond, must feel in this brave new techno world!


wilsonc said...

I can relate to this post. I,too, still have a landline phone. To bad it will be obsolete. Leaves us at the mercy of the cell phone providers only...not such a wonderful idea in my book. Course that comnes from being left at the mercy of one cable company. It's been difficult for my wallet. I hadn't thought about my attraction to horses being because they were from another simpler time, but that does have its appeal.

Linda said...

I still have a land line. I read about the iPad and I wondered if it was pretty cool or not--Steve Jobs always does things right. I just can't imagine giving up pen and paper and print books.

Leslie said...

I learned the iPad isn't even for sale yet. Isn't that a bummer? Not that I was going to order one, but it's just the point of the hype and then it's not ready yet. Something to do with FCC approval.

That aside, the older I get, the less inclined I am to keep up in the fast lane. I have been driving the speed limit for at least the past ten years.

We live in an area where cable access is 2 miles down the road, but they won't run lines up our "holler". We decided to try to beat the system. We've had Sat TV since '94. Although, TV isn't all that interesting these days. You'd think we lived out in the wilds of Montana instead of Southern Ohio, though, we are part of Appalachia, so that is a good explanation.

I can't imagine giving up books! I also enjoy pen and paper. I've decided to start increasing my book collection for a time when they too, will become obsolete.