Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's Baaaackk!

Winter. Really thought we were heading into spring two weeks ago. Glorious warm sunny days then we got slammed last week by a huge storm system with hurricane gale winds and a cold front following. Been cold ever since. We had snow cover on Sunday morning and freezing rain this morning. The bright yellow daffodils that tried to bloom over the warm spell are wilted and look very sad this morning. In this neck of the woods, we're usually into Spring by this date. I console my humdrums by telling myself this too shall pass...eventually.

March has felt like a long month. I was in a routine of posting something every Wednesday but then got off schedule from one event (dr appts) or another and just let March roll on by me.

On March 6 I officially passed into my 5th decade. This fifty thing has been more on my mind than any other decade I've crossed into, except for my twenties, for different reasons. In my twenties I was in love with life, and my future husband, and the future it all held. At fifty, well, I seem to look back more than forward lately. That's not the way I want to be but guess it's just the transition. It's really hard for me to say yes, I'm fifty and I've never been shy about my age, except for this time around. 

Those thoughts aside my family gave me a memorable pizza party. I had emailed my sons that I didn't expect them to drive here for my birthday, I was fine with it, letting them know Hubby and I would probably just go out to eat somewhere. Well, #1 son, who lives about an hour north of us, wasn't satisfied. He called me and said it was my fiftieth birthday he thought there should be a celebration. So, bless his heart, he called his brother, who lives in KY, and they made plans to get home for the day. I didn't want to go out to a restaurant just wanted a good pizza, #1 son insisted on bringing a birthday cake, and stay at home to enjoy good company with Hubby,my mom, our sons and their ladies. Best fiftieth birthday ever!

The animals have officially made it through winter in my book. The horses have started shedding although with the cold temperatures I'm glad they didn't really start shedding out until last week. The farrier came at the beginning of the month and everything was great with their hooves. The mud, of course, remains, but I see green of grass out in the fields. Buddy, our cat, doesn't seem to be bouncing back from his steroid injections for feline asthma as quickly. The injection isn't lasting as long as it once did. I'm not sure what our next step is but the vet says he'll continue with the injections as long as needed. I've been taking Buddy once a month. Maggie and Lucy, our dogs, are probably wondering what happened to Spring, well, if they thought like that, but we all know they're just in the moment. Sometimes I wish I could just live in the moment too but I have a responsibility gene which drives me to plan ahead and at least have some idea of what I need to accomplish during my day.

Looking forward to drier and warmer days. They surely have to come some time soon...

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Linda said...

Seemed like a long March to me, as well. You share a birthday with my hubby! Happy 50! Real spring is just around the corner--as your horses already know. Just hang in there.