Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's Kentucky Derby Time!

I am not fond of horse racing in general but every year I find myself drawn in to the drama of the Kentucky Derby and The Triple Crown races. I admire the horse athletes so I leave it at that. After Eight Belles, I swore I was never going to watch another Derby, or horse race, on TV. again. The next year I found myself drawn in one more time. Finally, I gave in to the fact that it's the horses I enjoy watching. It's become a guilty pleasure. 

I suppose this Saturday around 5 pm I'll be tuning in to see who will be the next big media story in horse racing for this year. I can't enjoy my own horses in this ultra wet, mucky, muddy, rainy period,and that part of my world doesn't look to get much better in the near future.

To anyone who enjoys this guilty pleasure, It's Derby Time!

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