Friday, June 3, 2011

Rufus returns...again and again....

Now I'm beginning to wonder why dear Rufus, the adorable lab who belongs up the road, has decided he likes our place better than his own home. Could be they keep him tied up all the time?? 

Yesterday evening Rufus showed up again.This time he was dragging a shredded rope tie which was still attached to his collar. Obvious he'd spent time chewing through it. In all our years of living in the country, the dogs we've had have never chosen to live anywhere else beyond their home here. They've always been around our house, on our property. Granted, they have ventured off into the woods but they've never chosen to stay with another family up or down the road. So, since Rufus seems to escape, and always ends up here, I have to wonder what they're not giving him that he finds so pleasing at our place. 

I've come up with two probabilities. Rufus seems to have a form of separation anxiety and has a need to either be around people or at least other dogs that accept him. When Hubby and I were doing our chores last night the pup had to be right where we were. He laid in the garage where Hubby was working or he followed at my heels as I watered my flowers. He waited politely outside the fence when I fed the horses. He has even been refraining from chasing the cat since I reprimanded with stern "NO's" last night. I kept watch until after dark and no sign of his people to fetch him. Nope. Rufus stayed here. Hubby said Rufus barked throughout the night. I must have been tired, I didn't hear it, but then I've gone to putting cotton in my ears lately because of all the storms we've had.

I'm not calling Rufus's people any more.They know where he is.They have to drive by our house to get out of the holler. It's sad, really, The pup just wants a secure home and it appears his people aren't home much, don't care much, and obviously seem to have no clue as to how to bond with their dog so that he wants to stay at their home. I've decided to just let it ride. If Rufus is here when we feed our dogs, he's getting some food too. Maybe his people don't feed him much. He doesn't look starved, he's thin like a young pup but no bones showing.

Sometimes people get adorable pups for their kids and then when the cuteness grows into all paws and a big body, well, they're not so adorable anymore. I'm not trying to be judgmental but  if I have a dog,or any animal, I've always been responsible and caring towards them. My conclusion is that they're really not trying too hard or Rufus would be their Clifford and he wouldn't choose to run down here whenever he's loose. I tried not to feed him anything for a long time but I can't not feed him when we feed our dogs. Just doesn't feel right. In my view, it's as if a child were running the neighborhood but felt safe at my house. I sure wouldn't feed my own kids and not give that child food....anyway for now, we seem to have three dogs instead of two.


wilsonc said...

Rufus is lucky to have you for a neighbor!

Leslie said...

Well,at least he had somewhere he could be where he was felt safe for a while. His people have been keeping him home now. Haven't seen him for almost a week. They picked him up last Saturday. I can still him hear barking up the road at his house sometimes during the day. Kind of makes me sad, but I'm hoping his family takes care of him now.

irina said...

I think the puppy is learning to socialize and since no one is home at his house he chooses to interact with you and your dogs. He needs toys to stimulate his mind while the owners are away and without anything to do the puppy would grow anxious and bored.