Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More puppy pondering

I finally decided to email the German Shepherd puppy breeder a second time. It had been one week with no contact from the person. One of my biggest pet peeves, in this easy bake tech world, is when people don't respond to emails. In my opinion, there's really no good reason not to answer when you've been asked a direct question or two. While I do understand emails get lost, or don't make it to their destination, or are over looked, I can be impatient. Email is quick. Just a few lines will suffice. Are you reading this my dear adult sons? No, probably not...

Oh, so back to the puppy inquiry. The dear lady emailed me back and apologized for the misunderstanding and invited us to meet the remaining pups. She said she really thought she'd gotten back with me. Well, I can be understanding about that since I find myself thinking about doing something, think I did it, only to find out, oops, no I hadn't. Life over 50 is full of those kinds of moments. So, that whole email issue has been cleared up. Thank Goodness!

As of today, my husband and I will be planning a trip to see the remaining pups on Saturday. It's a bit of a drive for us so it'll be a day long adventure. The reason I'm so intent on these particular pups, from this particular breeder is because they raise "Old fashioned, large, straight back, family friendly, German Shepherds", as advertised on their website. I don't want a show dog and I just don't want a dog from show stock. These particular German Shepherds are bred for the old fashioned kind.

 I have looked around for Shepherds in our area but so far, the ones I've found are from show stock. There are some breeders out there who do raise the old fashioned stock, but they're not necessarily that easy to find. When I found this one, in our state, I had to research them more. What I've found, I've liked. I realize the internet can be dicey, but when this lady invited us to see her pups, at her place, I was pretty sure I'd located the right people to find the right pup. Of course, we're just going to "look". Let me just say that every time we've ever gone to just "look" at something, the next step is bringing it home with us. Although, these pups aren't ready to come home, that will come in a few weeks if one decides to pick us.

My husband is on board with this puppy project. We talked about the commitment we'd be making this past weekend. We want this pup, should we choose one, to be raised as a companion/guardian dog to the two of us. We're planning to train like we've never really trained a dog before. This dog will become part of our household. In the past, our dogs have lived outdoors. We live in the country and have plenty of acreage. I still go back and forth on going full speed ahead with this whole thing because I know it will change a lot of things around here, but sometimes, it's good to shake things up a little. I don't think our two older dogs, Maggie and Lucy, will have a problem with a new pup coming into the family pack as long as we include them. The horses could care less. Buddy, the cat, may feel uprooted a bit, but he and our GS Xena, got along great. They'd lay together out in the yard. A pup will want to play so Buddy will just have to go to the other end of the house. Yes, we do take our animals seriously and I'm taking this pup as serious as I did my two horses.

This unusually warm end of February is allowing me to have hope for the coming months.I"ve been grooming the horses. Spirit is already starting to shed his winter coat, about two weeks earlier than usual. Both horses can be seen standing out along the fence that divides the front field (their summer grazing field) from the back field (the winter sacrifice field) and seem to be gazing longingly at what they probably think is grass. There is no grass yet. But it's been so warm here, they probably think there should be grass out there by now and they should be out there enjoying it. Still two months for that. I don't let them into the front field until May 1. I don't have much open grass area here in the hills and valleys so I try to conserve as much as possible.

My farrier was out yesterday. He said both horses looked great and their feet the same.They both stood quietly. My farrier said he always likes coming here because my horses are easy to work with especially after working on nine non-quiet horses. Now, my plan to get my horses, and me, back into shape is at the top of my priority list. I've been working on myself for months now, walking, yoga and my stationary bike. Trying to get back the strength and stamina I've lost in the past five years. It's slow progress, but I am feeling some results.

This weekend's goal, checking out some pups that may get to come home with us in a few weeks. I've been looking at supplies we'll need and making lists. Deciding on the room and how to set up the cage. I've decided on crate training. Reading all about puppy milestones and what to expect. It has all reminded me of the times before my sons were born. Getting ready for baby!

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