Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Changes come in threes....

My mom always said good and bad comes in threes.Whenever something bad happens, she could always find two more things that followed. When good things happened, sure enough, three in a row. Funny, over the years, I've noticed it does seem like this little superstition is true a good deal of the time.

This past week, my life changed and it wasn't something I'd actually been planning, it's one of those things that basically fell into my lap. Serendipity, in my opinion. An opportunity the Universe is giving me that I can't ignore. I'm going back to work after a period of five years of not working out there in the world. Though a part-time position, it will be a big change here on the home-front.

With this good news brings a variety of concerns, mostly about my animals, two horses, two outside dogs, our new pup, and the cat. I've been here at home looking after the horses, dogs and cat for a long time now. My horses are in a routine, granted, it's a routine of basic eating times, but nonetheless a routine. The new pup is now five months old. I'll be gone for longer periods of time four days a week.She seems fine with her times in the crate. Eventually, when she's more mature in her ways, she'll have the run of the house, until then, she goes to her "den" (the crate) when I'm gone for longer than fifteen minutes. 

We're still having issues with the pup chasing Buddy, the old cat. How am I going to work this out? Buddy inside in our bedroom with the door closed, or outside where he can roam? We live out in the country. Buddy stays around the house or over around our garage/barn area. Buddy became an indoor/outdoor cat by accident. When his sister died, I started letting him come inside. They'd lived out around the garage/barn area in the upstairs at night. Since Buddy was used to being outside, but also did well inside, I decided to let him go in and out. Now, I don't believe that was such a good idea. I know one thing, any other cats we have will be strictly in or out, no more in and out. 

I'm concerned about the horse's feeding schedule, mainly the afternoon "snack" of hay pellets. I started feeding supplemental hay pellets to help stretch my hay supply. I can't really put extra hay out because these two chow hound horses will just eat it down in no time. I don't have anyone to come and feed. Guess the guys will just have to deal with the changes in their routine. I suppose they'll all adjust one way or another. Animals are more resilient than people. 

I remind myself that I won't be gone every day since I'll only be working four days a week with Sunday always a day off, and holidays too. I'm working in the History Department at our local public library. I was a branch manager with this library system eight years ago, then felt I needed to resign to help my mom take care of my dad who's health was declining. That was my last full time position. Over the years I've worked 8-5 and I've also worked 12 hour rotating shifts when I was a lab tech in the '90's. From '04-'07, I worked mornings, part time, at the horseback riding stables five mornings a week and then programs on Saturdays. So this new position should be a piece of cake. I'm fifty-one, it's probably a good thing Serendipity visited one more time. As we get older, women know how hard it gets to be taken seriously in the work world. Just my opinion.

The other change is that Hubby's job is going a different direction. He's happy but I'm a little apprehensive. There my be a schedule change for him. There may be training trips involved. The last time he had training trips, my sons still lived here on our little farm with us. Now, it's just the two of us and I know I appreciate his help with the horse chores in the evenings. We really won't know much about this change for a few months, or, as sometimes happen where he works, could be next week. 

Those are two major changes in our lives in the past two weeks. Waiting for a third and honestly, I hope it involves our oldest son. He's been finishing up his master's degree and looking for a job...he could use a break and a good change in that part of his life.

You can avoid having ulcers by adapting to the situation:  If you fall in the mud puddle, check your pockets for fish.  ~Author Unknown


Chris said...

In threes indeed! Fingers crossed for you that the third change will be something positive for your son.

Leslie said...

Hard for me to believe I posted this in June! Many events since the end of June. Derecho stormed through our area leaving us without power for 5 days. I was also hired back at the local library. Changes indeed. Thanks for the wishes!