Friday, November 23, 2012

Full of Thanks

I just popped into this blog and realized it's been 5 months since I bothered to post anything. I've been busy adjusting to my new job and a different schedule in my life. I'm not someone who is good at multi-tasking. More of a one goal at a time type. I think I multi-tasked so much when my sons were growing up, as all mothers do, I lost the ability when I didn't have to do it anymore. OR, I just choose to slow things down. Probably the latter.

The new job at the library has been good for me in many ways. I'm so thankful the library decided to take a chance on me again. Quite a few people are still there from when I worked the last time, '01-'04, and they've all been very welcoming. It's felt like I never left, which is a good feeling. I thoroughly enjoy the Local History Department. We're quite a bit slower than the other sections of the library but we always have projects to work on. Currently, my two ongoing projects are Indexing the 1941 obituaries from our local news paper and transcribing an 1874 diary. On a daily basis we do research requests and help people locate resources for their genealogy work. We have quite a collection of resources to work with which is unusual for a small town library. I recently did research for a writer  working on an article about a local aviator pilot who died in WWI. 

The animals adjusted to their new schedules, as I figured they would. Nina, the German Shepherd we acquired back in March, is maturing. The horses deal with their lack of lunch on the days I have to work. I throw out more hay or add the hay pellets. I've figured out a plan for the cat. If it's raining he stays in his room with all his food, water and litter supplies. If it's to be sunny, and not too cold, he goes out. Buddy is 10 years old so I try to keep the old man comfortable. Maggie, the Blue Heeler-mix, got a new igloo doghouse which she absolutely loves. I can tell because on the cold mornings she barely peeks her nose out. Lucy, the beagle-mix, just enjoys being Lucy and is happy with her barn-like doghouse. On cold mornings, I can barely see her eyes peeking out over the abundant straw bedding.

Today, the day after Thanksgiving, I give thanks for all the blessings in my life, and I do have many.

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Christine said...

Welcome back to the blogging world! Life can indeed get hectic but I hope you're able to multi task a little - live and blog ;)