Monday, December 15, 2008

Just stuff on an almost winter day.....

My mind has been taken over by other concerns the past ten days. Horses, unfortunately, are not what that's all about. But, concern for how they'll be cared for next week are.

I know #2 son and Hubby should be able to take care of things, but I like caring for my horses myself. I have a special way of doing it. Don't we all? I suppose for the days following my surgery, I'm going to have to give in and let Bo and Spirit be cared for as the care-takers see fit. I don't expect to be down and out too long.

Even if I write out a long list of duties, which I will, everyone does things in their own way. I have to let go, and just let it be. I'm sure, the horses will survive. It's probably just me that will have the worry. As long as they get their feed and hay, they won't know any difference, except maybe not seeing me for a few days.

I'm having a total thyroidectomy on December 22. Yeah, I know, it's Christmas week, but this all came down later in the year than I originally thought. Over all, the surgery is suppose to be fairly routine. I'll stay overnight at the hospital, be home on the 23rd. Guess that's what I get for putting it off so long. I avoided it all through the summer because of #1 son's wedding. Glad I did because it was off my mind all that time and I was able to enjoy the time leading up to the wedding, the wedding itself and everything involved. I could have gone into next year, but there's the insurance deductible and my doctor suggested I get it done now so I wouldn't have that money going out first thing next year. Well, isn't it just peachy we have to be concerned about our stupid insurance deductibles?

So, I'm having this total thyroidectomy because there are nodules on both lobes of my thyroid gland. I had an ultrasound in September (I'd put off since the doctor suggested it back in June) which led to a FNA, fine needle aspiration, in October. The results of the FNA came back as "abnormal cells, but inconclusive" on the left side. The nodule on the right side showed nothing. The nodule on the left is rather large. Over the years, I'd always been told I had a goiter. My endocrinologist told me the best way to take care of any possibities of cancer, is to remove the total thyroid, since I have nodules on both sides. I met with a surgeon Friday. I told him I wanted it done ASAP because I want it off my mind. So it is written, so it shall be done!

Our weather is turning bad here in Southern Ohio. We usually don't see this kind of ice, snow, sleet and stuff until mid January. Makes me wonder what the winter will really bring us! About 5 years ago we had a horrible ice storm. Our power, telephone and water were out for a week. I didn't have the horses back then. The only thing that concerns me is the water. We do have a well in the back field, but the pump isn't working. I asked Hubby about this, and he said he'd been thinking about how to fix that pump but it just hadn't been on his priority list. May have to add that one.

I'm sure I'll be fine after the surgery. It's just the thoughts up to the day that can drive you crazy if you let it. I'm going to keep busy this week and get things ready for what I normally would have done Christmas week. That should do the trick!


Linda Reznicek said...

I wish you well with your surgery. It is a bad time--right before Christmas, but we all live in a world of "deductibles"--ugly as it is.

I think we're going through global cooling, don't you? It's 3 degrees here today and I don't remember this kind of weather until Januaruy either--and then rarely. Last year here in Spokane, we had the 2nd snowiest winter in HISTORY. We almost beat the snowiest--1" away.

Keep us up-to-date on how the surgery goes! I'm sure your husband and son will take care of things for you with the horses.

LJS82 said...

I've never been a total believer in the whole global warming push anyway, at least not the way it's been portrayed. The earth has cycles, it's always been in cycles. I'm sure there is an impact from humans, but the earth cycles are a more important factor, in my opinion.

Oh sorry, don't mean to get off on that, you had a cold day! I've seen where the weather people were talking about storms coming into Washington from the Pacific. We usually don't get those kinds of temps until after mid-January into the first part of February. Today, we're suppose to get 1-5 inches of snow! That is really strange for our Southern area of Ohio, this time of year! And, before Christmas no less! We usually have snowless Christmases. I think I'll enjoy the view while it's here! Suppose to warm up into the 40's by tomorrow.