Monday, July 27, 2009

Horse and Rider Editorial Article

I wanted to take a moment to point out a really great editorial piece in the August issue of Horse and Rider Magazine. I still enjoy getting a few magazines. I don't read everything online. The feel of a new magazine in my hands is still a guilty pleasure. Horse and Rider has been a staple in my mailbox for quite few years. I've downsized my magazine list, but never Horse and Rider!

Sue M. Copeland's editorial "Of Girls & Horses" is superb! I felt every word of it. Sue wrote how I felt growing up. I'm sure many of you who read these various horse blogs felt, or still feel, the same way. I especially loved the part about "horse genes". I believe some people just have it, some don't and if you don't you can never truly understand how a real horse person sees their horses or why we are the way we are about them. We don't even understand it we've just felt it all our lives.

So, if you get Horse and Rider or if you get a chance to pick one up, read Sue M. Copeland's editorial on page 8.


Carol............. said...

I love that phrase "horse genes"...and it is true.

LJS82 said...

I was just talking to my son's girlfriend last night. I was explaining how my love of horses has been a lifelong part of me. She said she's always heard girls/women who have a great love of horses, but she wasn't one of them. I told her that was OK, she just didn't have the gene! hahaaa