Monday, December 28, 2009

Seaons Change

Since I last checked in here, some changes have occurred. Change can be good. Not necessarily comfortable for some of us, but good none the less.

The season changed from fall to winter for us here in the Northern Hemisphere. We are definitely feeling winter in Southern Ohio today! Some snow, cold and wind. However, from what I've seen in the news, we have gotten off lucky so far. Probably won't last. Our worst winter months are Mid-January through Mid-February. Seems we started early this year. I am so relieved to finally have a consistent hay supply!

Christmas Eve brought a pleasant and memorable gathering at our house. In the twenty-seven years I've been married, we have always gone to my parents' house for Christmas Eve. This year, after my dad's passing in November, we brought Mom out here for the day. I knew this would be a hard time of year for her, having spent the past 54 years with my dad on Christmas and New Years'. Both my sons were here along with #1's wife and son #2's girlfriend. I can honestly say it was a rewarding and loving evening. 

One moment of my own, I looked up at the top of our Christmas tree and noticed Dad's special ornament sparkling. Imagined or not, I felt his presence and my heart warmed. All the people in that room, were all the people he cared about most in his life and he would be happy we were all together.

Now, that part done, time for me to be on the down-slide. Usually, by Christmas Day, I am ready to be done with it all. Actually, this year, I was done about a week ago, but wanted to be in as good spirits as possible for my sons. I pulled it off, and honestly, I might add. But, by the next day, the old bear in me descended and I've been trying to grumble out of what seems a lengthy bad mood. It's a daily chore.

A positive change for #2 son, he landed a job! That is really the best part of our new beginning, at least that's how I see it.  The past year, 2009, will go down as a tragic and trying year for our family, but I feel a change in the air for us. And, in my end of year post in a few days, I'm going to review 2009, and officially let it go into the wind. I feel a change and I feel it's good.

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