Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter Months

Unfortunately, for me, winter months mean everything slooowwwws down, especially me. 

I've noticed that by the time the middle of February rolls around, I am really at my lowest ebb. 

I realize March is coming, but that alone does not help my mood. 

I think Bo, my eleven year old Spotted Saddle Horse is the same way. Or, is it that he is picking up on my drab mood? Bo tends to get grumpy when it rains or the dreary days of winter continue with little sunshine. His face shows his mood. He actually looks grumpy! If he were human, he'd be frowning.

Now Spirit, my eight year old SSH, is completely opposite. If he were human, he would be one of those people, who makes people like me, look really bad. I mean, Spirit always seems happy. Nothing much bothers his mood. He's like my Hubby that way. 

I was thinking I really have nothing to complain about this winter, so far. We've been managing with only about four inches of snow, some icy roads, but no other problems. Nothing like the storms we had last year and definitely nothing like what they're getting East of us or the rain and mudslides out in California. This year, we are seeing a reprieve from really nasty weather troubles.

Looks like Bo and I will just have to look to our sunny buddies to get us through the rest of the winter.  Maybe their good moods will rub off on us.


Linda said...

I think horses definitely react to bad weather and get grumpy--mine do. Sunny warm weather makes them all-out-happy.

Leslie said...

That's what I've noticed too, Linda.

Now, my guys do seem to enjoy the first fresh snow, running around, kicking up their heels and then rolling in it. But like us, I think after 3 weeks of snow storms, their moods get dreary too.

We're having an extremely long winter this year. Usually, by this week in February, it has been warm enough and no snow,that my crocus pop up. Not this year!