Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Book Review: Laura Crum's Going, Gone

Going, Gone-A Gail McCarthy Mystery by Laura Crum

Gail McCarthy, veterinarian, horsewoman, also wife and mother, is settling into a new direction in her life with husband Blue and young son Mac. Life is good.

A much anticipated camping trip, to an old boyfriend's ranch, begins quietly and without complication until Gail arrives at Lonny's ranch.Gail discovers Lonny has been arrested for a double murder. Gail being the good, loyal friend she is, doesn't believe Lonny could kill anyone and is determined to find the truth.

Going, Gone is an engaging mystery that keeps you guessing until the last ride. Readers also get a glimpse of Gail's new life as she tries to settle down with Blue and Mac. Her thoughts and how her priorities have changed since raising her young son. As happens in real life, circumstances intervene.

Gail's animals, especially her horses, are a big part of her life, something horse lovers and animals lovers can all relate to. The horse scenes are appealing, endearing, realistic and believable without getting into cutesy characterizations. Laura Crum writes with an abundance of realism and sensitivity. The scene descriptions of the landscapes vivid. You are moving along in the story with Gail, Blue and Mac.

Great read, Quick read and all in a tidy package. If you enjoyed Laura's earlier titles you won't be disappointed with Going, Gone. 

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Laura Crum said...

Thank you for the nice review. I'm glad you liked the book and I appreciate your reviewing it here. Good wishes--Laura