Thursday, July 8, 2010

The 3 H's

Well, well, well, it IS July here in Southern Ohio and the three H's are with us: Hazy. Hot. Humid. July with a heat wave. Temps soaring upwards of 95 to 100F. Wonderful. There is sarcasm in that wonderful. I am not a hot weather kind of gal these days. Give me the cool of September through October all year long and I'd be happy!

The past couple of days I have brought the boys in around 2pm. Given them their ration of hay cubes and as they ate, sponged their legs with cool water. I'm sure they'll be playing in their water tank in another hour.

At least, as a respite from the heat of the day, this evening, I'll be able to move them out into the grass of their temporary grazing fields.

Weather. It's always a factor in our lives. I'm sure I think about it way too much and my horses could care less. They have their fan. They have a shady rest area. Wish I could accept things as simply as they do!

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