Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hello November

October was a busy month. We finally got busy clearing out the dead trees in the back field. Not complete  but sure looks different. The horses seem to appreciate their more open space too. Not more pasture grass, but more space. We will always be lacking pasture grass. I've just come to accept that. 

Hubby and I spent our weekends and evenings on that project. October was nice to us, weather-wise and I truly appreciate that. Now, we're moving into colder temps and shorter days. The horses remind me of fuzzy bears with their soft winter coats. Time to put the heater in their water tank and lay the water hose down the hill so we don't have a frozen hose. Didn't have to fight mud which is always good. No more flies. Hay is in the building.

Today is election day, and yes, I voted. I wouldn't think to admonish anyone if they decide not to vote because it's my belief that's what's great about this country. We can CHOOSE to vote or not. 

Today is also the day my beloved dad passed away last year. I had a tough emotional weekend which I was surprised by but I've learned grief over the loss of a loved one is not on a time table. Sometimes it creeps up when you thought you'd cried all the tears you possibly could. Even through an extended illness, you are never really ready for the end. But, I know my dad wouldn't want me to dwell. He's probably shaking his head at me now telling me to get on with my own life. That's just the way he was, not wanting anyone to worry about him. He was a good man, and a great dad as well as grandpa. My sons adored him. I'm so thankful they got to share their lives with him and he was able to enjoy them.

November is the month of giving thanks.Take a moment each day to be thankful for something in your life.

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