Saturday, January 8, 2011

What is it you say? It's 2011?

Feel l like I've been on a self imposed hiatus since about Thanksgiving, from just about everything. It has always been amazing to me, the older one gets, the faster time seems to fly by and then, well, it's a new year already! Hubby has been on holiday break plus he took vacation time so we've been pretty lazy together!

December here in Southern Ohio was snowy and cold. Very unusual for us. Our ground was snow covered from the first week of December until the last week of the month. We actually had a white Christmas for the first time in....well, I can't remember when. It was nice for a change, but honestly, I've decided a white Christmas is overrated. I don't think I'll dream of a white Christmas anymore.

Probably the best news of December for our family, #2 son proposed to his girlfriend. He called me the day after he asked her. Their proposal story is sweet and simple, one they can treasure and tell their kids one day.

He'd planned their day but didn't want her to know he was doing something special. They live in Maysville, KY, which is a beautiful area. It was snowing. They walked around in the snow for while through a local historical site that was having a Christmas weekend. He fixed dinner for her. Then, he got his banjo out. He is a super banjo player. Self taught. Doesn't give himself enough credit there. But anyway, played her a few songs because she'd said he hadn't been playing and singing for her for a while. The last song was one he had written for her and at the end came the proposal. He said she was so happy, so stunned, all she could do was shake her head up and down and smile the biggest smile he'd ever seen. He had the ring hidden in his banjo case. 

As he was telling me the story, I was so moved I couldn't help crying over the phone! So happy for them both! They had been friends their last two years of high school, but had gone separate ways after graduation. He had gone to Athens, Ohio, to attend Ohio Universtiy, she stayed in the hometown and attended the local university. In early 2009 they caught up with each other through the magic (as I see it) of Facebook. Started dating in the summer of 2009. In January of 2009 he got a job as an assistant librarian at a community college library in Maysville, KY. She remained in her hometown. And as sometimes happens, fate intervenes, she also landed a job in Maysville around June of 2009. Now, in my mind, things like that are meant to be and are signs that one is moving in the right direction. 

They are a good match and seem to really enjoy each other and compliment each other in many ways. We're all extremely happy for them! The wedding plans are up in the air right now. They want to get married in June 2012 because that was the month of their first official date. They want something small, very small, but her parents, well, I think they want something else for their daughter. Time will tell who wins out.

On a more somber note,our poor little asthmatic cat Buddy. He manages to be himself for about 2-3 weeks after the steroid injection then is congested again. Just like human asthma, some days are better than others. The last vet visit they did x-rays and ran some blood tests. The only thing the vet could see was a small area in one of the lungs which he still believes is an asthma condition. Everything else checked out OK. Looks like Buddy will have to see the vet about once a month for his injection. 

The horses are in winter mode. We were able to get in a truck load of hay bales before the winter gets bad again. At least I won't be fretting about running out of hay toward the end of January. Since December was cold and snowy, that sort of messed with my hay calculations. I add alfalfa-timothy hay cubes to their rations to extend the hay. 

The ground out there in the corral area is a pain because where we had a thaw last week, the mud has now frozen into what I call "lava rocks". So, it's tiptoeing around for the horses as the move from their shelter out to the field. I always grumble about the lava rocks. I thought I was going to avoid the situation when the first snows came in early December, but no, of course not, Southern Ohio thaw took care of that!

The dogs have adjusted to the early winter. Their coats are thicker. Stocked their dog houses up with straw which they huddle down into during the long, cold nights. In the mornings when they come out, their bodies feel to me like they've been sleeping in a warm, heated bed.

So, resolutions for 2011? No. I'm not doing that. I am beginning work on myself. Working to get muscle strength back and more limber. I figured out that one of the reasons I haven't been riding much is because I don't feel confidence in my own body. Naturally, I need to lose weight, which is something I'm working on as well. That will be tougher, but I am taking it slowly. I've been having the dogs take me walks back in our valley most days  but when the weather gets Arctic cold, I need to find other activities inside. My plan is a rotation of yoga, stationary bike, and working with a kettle bell workout DVD. I'm going to keep track of what I do, or don't do, each day because I tend to do better when I keep a record and can see what I've done. Not a resolution, a plan!

Also, work on more writing. I need to get that stuff down, just write as someone has suggested, instead of simply twirling the stories and characters around in my head! I did send a short story out a few months ago, to get myself in gear, realizing, one short story does not a writer make, but you gotta start somewhere. I'm not so good at multi-tasking.

When 2010 rolled into 2011 my first thought was that '11 seems like it'll be an odd year and I don't just mean the number itself. Then I remembered I would be 50 this year. Maybe kind of odd after all because turning 50 feels kind of like twilight zone to me. Well, doesn't matter, I have to turn it anyway. But, I'm going to start out with positive thoughts and see where 2011 leads me. Happy New Year to all of us!


Linda said...

That is an extremely sweet proposal--he obviously loves her very much. Very romantic.

Good luck on all your New Year's plans. I'm with you on all of them!

Leslie said...

Thanks, Linda!

So far, I've been working on yoga. Found a really good DVD for my Wii. The stretching and poses feel good. If I find something I like doing, I'll stick with it. However, some of the poses aren't so easy! I had to take three of the one leg poses out of my custom toning class. I'm not there yet! But I can do others,there's a feeling of accomplishment so I'll want to do it again tomorrow.