Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter Fat

Much of the year I concern myself with the obvious fact, my horses are on the plump side. I've heard it from two different vets. I've had people tell me "He's really big", referring to the bigger of my two Spotted Saddle Horses, Bo. He is actually big, but I admit, he's also fat. I think my farrier is just being nice by telling me he's seen fatter horses. Over the years I've used the justification that Bo is simply big boned. He is the old style Tennessee Walker frame. But, since Spirit, my smaller SSH, has grown out of his youth, I can see, both of my horses are indeed, fat.

This year though, I am glad of it. We've had one rough winter. I am comforted in the knowledge that under their shaggy winter fur, they have insulation to withstand February's winter blow. One reason my horses are fat all year is because like me, they haven't been getting extra activity. This year will be different. Or at least, that is my plan.

Right now though I've decided no more worrying about fat horses. They're fattened up for this very rough winter and I'm OK with that. I'll let you know around June how my plan has worked out...

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Linda said...

I love to see fat horses in the winter. I think it's great and it gives them extra insulation from the cold.