Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lives Shared for Twenty Seven Years

Twenty-seven years ago, today, Hubby and I were married. In retrospect, we did everything backwards. Very little money. Low paying jobs, he worked at a grocery store, I worked at a fast food joint. But we had our dreams as young couples do.

In the long term, our life together has sweetened over the years.

In the beginning, we were innocents, oblivious to alot of things in life. We decided we wanted to be together, to build a life and that's all that mattered. At the time I couldn't understand why my parents silently objected to our marriage. It was one of those things where words weren't said, but all you had to do was read between the lines. On my in-laws side, they were thrilled their youngest son had found stability. They liked me! Looking back, I now understand what my parents, especially my mom, were seeing in our decision. Hubby was nineteen, I was twenty-one. I think anyone can get the picture and understand the misgivings of the parents of an only daughter.

After twenty seven years, my parents both love Hubby. I don't really want so say, "See, I knew what I was doing!", because twenty seven years ago, I probably didn't, really. It was a leap of faith for both of us.

But, over the years, Hubby and I have proven we can survive. We depend on each other yet we also find strength as individuals in our union. We are each others' best friend. We have our separate interests but find sharing those interests actually brings us more joy. Hubby has his motorcycle, I have my horses. We have two fantastic adult sons!

I have thoroughly enjoyed our motorcycling hobby. He decided on a touring bike back in 2002, so we could share rides and enjoy weekends traveling the country roads, day trips where we simply let go of ourselves for a few hours. In 2004, when I decided the time for my horse dream to come to life was imminent, and our youngest was heading off to college, Hubby threw himself into making our acres into the best home possible for my dream to become a reality. He and my sons spent the spring and summer dropping posts and putting up fencing. Hubby searched to find the right kind of fencing for my yet to be found dream horses. He has been the driving force in helping my horse dream come true. I hope I have helped his dreams come true too.

What more could you ask for in a life partner? I am blessed. Not much more to say about it other than I am grateful to be sharing my life journey with him, my best friend, my partner, the love of my life. All the heartaches, all the triumphs, all the tears, all the laughter have been sweeter, sharing with him.

The hoofbeats, paw prints and foot steps continue on the shared journey.....

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