Friday, June 5, 2009

There are friends and then there are friends with horses....

The past few months I've been getting reacquainted with some long lost high school friends. My Best Friend, or BFF, as the kids say today, is one of the main coordinators of our high school class reunion. Still hard to believe it's been THIRTY years. Whew, 1979 seems like a very long time ago! Our class was small, by most standards, having graduated a total of seventy two. Over the years we've lost three classmates. We all pretty much knew each other from elementary school.

In getting reacquainted I have come upon a realization. There are the women friends who are your women friends, then there are the women friends with horses, who are your horse friends. They are two different breeds!

I met up with two of my women friends from high school at a quiet, river-side, pizza place for dinner. We haven't seen each other in many years. One lives in the same area I do, but she has a busy life, married to an oncologist and her own career. The other one, is a busy attorney, living hundreds of miles away with a husband and three kids under the age of ten.

I don't think we've changed all that much. We ate, but talked more than we ate, talked about the reunion, our lives, remembered times from our high school years as friends. The only time horses came up was when I was asked what I was doing now. Other than that, our focus was on what I consider most women friends tend to talk about; life, loves, children, work, other friends. We talked for over three hours as our pizza got cold and the sun melted into the river. It was a beautiful sunset!

My "horse friend" called me a few days ago. She was originally asking about a cookie recipe but as always happens, our discussion turned to our horses and horses in general. We spent over an hour on the phone talking mostly about horses. Horses are our connection and our history. Sure, we wander off to other subjects, but as it is with us horse people, our conversation always flows back to our horses.

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