Monday, June 22, 2009


Unfortunately, my view of Mondays has always been dim. Most of my work-life, which is in the past right now, Monday's were dreaded. It was probably just my issue, I mean, after all, Monday is the start of a new week and prospects of hope for the newness of it!

When I was a substitute teacher, Mondays meant starting over with a new class, a new school, and getting into gear for a week of early morning cold calls.

When I was a lab tech, Mondays were the first midnight or on day-shift, everyone back in the lab and very crowded. I preferred the off shift actually.

When I was a library manager, Mondays meant a long day working from 11:30am until 8pm. That just made it seem longer. The rest of the week was 8:30am-5pm. Since the little branch library was closed on Sundays, all the weekend DVD's were returned. Mondays were ALWAYS a madhouse at the library. Who would have thought??? Just remember your local librarian on Mondays, he/she may feel the same way.

The only job where I never resented Mondays was when I worked at the stable as staff and assistant riding instructor. I enjoyed getting back to the horses. I enjoyed feeding the horses before turning them out. I enjoyed getting the hay out to the field. Mondays on that job were a good thing!

Nowadays, I'm sort of on my own. I don't really have a schedule which I think is hurting me. I do better with schedules in general. That's my goal. Get a schedule set up so I follow it. I'm sure I'll get more accomplished that way.

This week looks like a good weather week, FINALLY! No rain. A little warmer. Sunshine at least until Thursday. I am pumped. I wish I could start today, but I'm taking my mom to her doctor appointment, which, living out here, turns to an entire day because I have to drive in to get her then take her to her appointment on the other side of the county. I don't mind, I want to do it. I'm glad it is on Monday, so that I have the rest of the week to concentrate on my horses.

So this Monday I'm using as a jumping off platform for a more constructive week. I'm feeling better these days, though the heat can make me remember I do have some issues, I'll try to work around that by getting out earlier in the morning. There's always a way to deal, you just need to figure it out and get motivated. Sunshine, dried mud and no rain is a great incentive!

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