Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's a good day when.......

my horses and I have good training time together. Yep, had one of those today and we all feel good.

I'm not one of those tough types when it comes to training. I don't coddle my horses either. I am patient and calm. They make mistakes, I make mistakes. We just take things as we can get them.

I've been working with Bo, my 10 yo Spotted Saddle Horse to ride with a bitless bridle. Personally, I don't like bits. I realize there may be horses and situations out there where a bit may be better, but I'm of a mind, your horses are only as good as you take the time to train them to be.

Bo is doing much better than when I was first working with him with his new bitless bridle. He was trained to a bit. As I was told upon purchase three years ago, a Tom Thumb. I changed that when I got him. Put him in a snaffle. He does well with it. But now I'm on a mission to train both of my guys to going "bitless".

It is possible. I've seen show jumpers go in sidepulls and stories of dressage horses working without bits. I believe it comes down to trust between you and your horses. Maybe I'm too innocent thinking on this but my gut tells me to go for it.

I think my horses and I will be much happier in the long run.

I'm not training my guys to be show horses, or jumpers or dressage. They are trail, nothing more, nothing less. A good trail horse needs good intuition in the first place and riding bitless puts the horse's trust in the rider, and the rider's trust in the horse.

Spirit, my 6 yo Spotted Saddle is the complete opposite of Bo. We're working on saddling right now. Yeah, I know, I've had Spirit for 3 years and we haven't even gone riding but this summer we will. He's a little more sensitive than Bo, but amazingly smart. He picks up on the lessons quicker than I expected. Soon, I'll get Hubby out there to be my assistant while I finally mount and do some walking on Spirit.

So, me and my guys had a good hour this morning. Life is good today!


Mrs Mom said...

Hey LJS82! Thanks for stopping in the blogs and commenting!

Sounds like you had a great time with the boys there. I have seena few of the bitless bridles, and am not real sure yet what to think about them. I DO know that there are quite a few horses out there who work fantastic in bosals, side pulls, and rope halters.... Ihave been on a few who just "liked" the bit better.... (Trust me-- those were some ODD horses to say the least! LOL)

Looking forward to making this a regular stop!

LJS82 said...

Oh, I am so excited! Thanks Ms. Mom for taking a moment to check out my blog! Yeah, I worked with a couple of horses who were very happy with a bit in their mouths and then a couple of others, who did better with hackamore and a sidepull. I'm actually working with a sidepull and a bitless but the bitless has alot of line going around, support under the jaw and the like. I have a sidepull for my 10 yo, but wouldn't ya know it, his daggone TWH is too big for it! hahaha Look forward to seeing what's going on with you today too!