Monday, July 21, 2008

The Perfect Horse?????

I've read practically all the horse training books by all the top trainers. I've even purchased more than my fair share of training DVD's. Sure, I probably haven't read all of the books or seen all of the training techniques but at any rate, I came to my own conclusion; there is no such thing as a perfect horse! I'm guessing this really means we are all striving toward the perfect horse, just like we strive for perfection within ourselves.

How often does perfection happen? For me, not very often, except once in a while when the moon is full, the sun, stars are in perfect alignment and my horoscope reads "Congratulations, you have reached perfection!"

I really don't care that my horses aren't perfect. I get kind of weary reading all the magazine articles about doing this or doing that but then I must also be looking for some guidance or I wouldn't subscribe to them. I wouldn't watch the RFD training shows. I wouldn't attend Equine Affaire clinics every year for the past 4 years. So, the guidance has it's purpose, but I also keep in mind, perfection is what we are striving for, not necessarily what I'm going to get in it's entirety. It'll be in smidgens and pieces and I'll be glad with what I do get.

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