Monday, July 28, 2008

Job finally done

We had a pizza party last night. Our sons finally finished painting the fence! Doesn't sound like a big job, but believe me, it is. We have put it off for a number of years.

Our sons are still home for the summer, but probably not for long. Both needed work. Our youngest graduated from Ohio University in June. He's looking for a job. The oldest is getting married next month, and he just got a job. Since we had them both home for probably the last summer we asked them to paint our very long, slat board fence. We compensated them, of course. Not just the pizza, but monetarily too. The oldest son needed money last month to help pay for apartment rent where he and his new bride will be living so we gave him an advance to help her out. The youngest gets his as soon as I get to the bank.

Sure, probably seems kind of strange to have them do this fence thing, but it has been sort of a running joke in our house, although not to Hubby. I think they look at it as "last time I'll ever have to hear about that d$%^ fence!"

When I watched both of them working together on this project I am proud. I am proud we were able to raise two very fine young men. Young men who care. Young men who are responsible and honest. Sure, I'm their mom, but I bet you can ask anyone about our sons and you'll get those same kinds of descriptions about them. In today's world, I don't know how we did it. I've had people ask. There's no recipe for it. I usually just thank them for the kind words about my sons and leave it a that.

I am a little sad the oldest will be going away but that's what I want for him. He's marrying a wonderfully talented, intelligent, beautiful young woman who he's known since they were in high school together. He is 25, she is 22 and newly graduated from Ohio University. They will be moving away to make a life of their own together. I am proud of both of them! Now life begins anew for them!

So, I figure, this summer will be remembered just as much for the wedding as it will for the "Fence painting project". A project that bonded two brothers for one last time before going their separate ways. I am stopping now, before the tears start flowing..............


Mrs Mom said...

What a great tribute to your boys! It sounds like they have what they need in life- a strong grasp of personal responsibility and accountability, and a wonderful support system at home with you and their Dad!!

Thanks for sharing that. It is wonderful to see someone praise thier kids, and care about them and for them so much! ;)

LJS82 said...

Thanks, Mrs. Mom! Really appreciate it. They are great sons and great young men. Their dad is pretty awesome too!