Friday, July 25, 2008

Time is all I need

I thought all I needed was time. Time to do this, time to do that, but as we all know, time gets away from us. Before we know it, it's the end of July and the things we wanted to get accomplished have moved farther and farther down the list.

I wish I could be like Hubby. He never wears a watch. He claims it's his Native American heritage, although that is a few generations removed. He rarely has concern for "what time is it?" He does ok getting to places he's suppose to be within a reasonable amount of time. I tend to be a clock watcher and have this obsessive need to know what time it is......except, when I'm working with my horses.

I do look at my watch a couple of times when I'm with them, but usually I find, I can lose an hour or two out there and it's relaxing. I don't even mind "losing" the time which used to bother me. I think I'm getting better at just enjoying the moments. That's what I'm striving for anyway. I'm sure I'll never get rid of my lists because when I mark something off my list I feel a sense of accompolishment. Maybe if I let go of the clocks a little, my need for lists will lessen too. My horses are in their own universe most of the time, and once in a while, I can go there with them.

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