Friday, January 16, 2009

Arctic Cold and We Ain't Use To It!

We are in the midst of an Arctic blast of subzero temperatures. We don't often have temps in that range. Fortunately, according to the weather forecasts, this will only last for a couple of days, this week anyway.

This morning, we were at -5º F. No snow on the ground, just COLD. We are seeing sunshine today, but temps are only suppose to climb to 15º F with subzero again tonight.

I'm feeding my horses lots of extra hay. Their shelter is dry and out of the wind. The water tank has a heater. Amusing to see the steam coming off the water tank this morning as I was feeding. The only real pain, probably more to me than to the horses, is that the mud has now frozen into hard rocks. I cringe as I watch them pick their way over the frozen mud rocks.

The horses have good winter coats, and they are"fleshy". Ok, they're probably fat, but I'd rather have them a little chubby to get through the cold. We will go on a diet and start excercise about March 1st. Notice the "we". Actually, I'm getting into the exercise as soon as the swelling in my neck is done so I can be ready to start my horses on their excercise by March. The diet, well, as a diabetic, that's just part of my world.

There are pros and cons to every season when you have horses. Right now, since the temps are below freezing, no mud. The stall and shavings stay nice and clean. The poop marbles are easy to pick out of the shavings. Of course, I'm not riding or training my guys. Only visit with them, brush them, and maybe do some in-hand training in the small area of the matted stall and corral. I'm sure glad we added those 8 extra mats to the area. It's made a world of difference.

One more subzero night tonight, then temps are suppose to go back up into the teens and twenties, then the thirties by next week. Something to look forward to in the longest month of the year. That's how I see January, the longest month. By the time the 31st rolls around I'm always relieved to have gotten it over with and on to February, the shortest month of the year.


jc said...

It's cold here in the Scottish Highlands too! My horse is not impressed. Enjoyed your writing.

LJS82 said...

I had to laugh at "my horse is not impressed." Sometimes, over here in the states, we forget about the rest of the world's winter woes.

I so need to get my guys' feet trimmed but the weather has been keeping my farrier away. Maybe this week. The temps are suppose to warm up a bit, very little snow, so maybe he'll make it. We did get some snow, over night, about 3 inches.

Thanks for stopping by!

Linda said...

I'm with you on the cold. I'm not sure what our temps are this morning, but my hands froze out there!! If you can get water out to them and keep it warm, you're doing good--I think that's the hardest part of winter--at least it was for us last year--before the automatic, heated waterers. The lack of riding is my issue this year. I so wish I had an indoor arena!!!! My neighbor does, but he's not a horse person. He just stores junk in his arena!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!! What a waste!!! Well, enjoy your upcoming "warm" weather, and good luck making it through the longest month!