Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January Just Had to Go Out With a BANG

Snow is falling and falling alot. We're in the midst of a 48 hour snowstorm. This particular area of the Appalchians, in Southern Ohio is never prepared for this kind of snowfall. Looks like about 5 inches out there right now with sleet and other junk falling later this afternoon. I know it's a drop in the bucket compared to what some folks get, but around here, it puts our roads into a level 3 emergency. I don't look for any kind of township truck with a snow plow on the front to come up our road until maybe tomorrow.

Hubby tracked off to work this morning. He has about a 15 mile drive. Fortunately he has his Jeep Wrangler 4WD. I also have my Dodge Dakota 4WD, but I ain't going nowhere today! I feel fortunate not to have to get out. There was a time when I loved driving in this kind of weather but these days, it's the crazy people who don't know how to drive on snow covered or icy roads that scare me. They always seem to be the ones out on the road during this kind of weather.

This sudden heavy snowfall brings a variety of problems. It is gorgeous outside right now. But then I look at the snow accumulating on the roof of the stall area, where my horses will probably remain all day, and I cringe. I know it's a strong roof because Hubby added it a few years ago. When he builds something it's strong and always withstands the elements. Still, last year we had to move snow off of it because the weight of the melting snow was causing the metal to sag in a few areas. I'll have to keep watch on it.

Concern over the uneven mud rocks now resting under 5+ inches of snow. Bo has a tendency to bully Spirit sometimes and run him out of the stall area. Spirit runs out without paying much attention to his feet. On one hand I'm hoping the snow will cushion his feet. On the other hand, as I witnessed this morning, those lovely new rubber mats are slippery. UGH!! Plus, the fact I have not been able to get the farrier out here for a very long time. I should have done it before my surgery in December, but seems like there was always something....now, Bo and Spirit's toes are longer than I like them to be and with this weather.........I'm sure they'll be fine, but I'm watchful and quietly chastise myself for not getting the farrier out here last month.

Snow on the the top of the hay storage building. We have one of those semi-round tarp-like buildings to store the hay. Most of the time the snow will eventually slide off the top. I was out there this morning, and it's piling up on top. No sagging. I sure would hate to lose my hay.

The dogs are snug in their roomy, straw filled houses. I hesitate to let them run today but probably will when I go out to start digging a path to the garage and barn. When the horses romp around out in the snow, the dogs believe they are suppose to tell them to stop and the barking starts. I'm not as concerned about the dogs unless they're out there running around, which they would do if I release them.

We usually average one or two sudden heavy snowfalls like this a year and they usually fall, just like I predicted after the middle of January, until the middle of February. Time to just buckle down, enjoy the scenery and look for the problems melt down will bring in a few days.

January, You couldn't just bow out quietly could you?

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