Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I'm counting the days to warmer, better weather. Not really. Actually, when I'm being honest, I'm just counting the days until January is done. Once I get over January, I see the light! Although, February has produced some nasty winter weather, so I know January 31 does not automatically mean winter is done around here. But in my mind, we'll be closer to March.

My horses haven't ventured out into the field much the past couple of days. I've been taking the evening hay out to the field, unless it's wet or sleety precipitation, then they get to eat back in the stall area.

Gosh, guys, I know we've made your little stall home nice and cozy with lots of soft, warm mats (softer and warmer than the cold frozen mud peaks you have trouble walking over) but you gotta go out once in a while!

While they are eating their evening grain ration, I take the hay out to the field. Spirit doesn't seem to have a problem with it, he'll pick (over the frozen mud rocks) his way out to the hay. Bo, on the other hand, will stand in the stall and contemplate whether it is really worth his while to venture out. Naturally, it doesn't take him very long to decide, but it's always amusing to see how he seems to be deciding whether the effort is worth it to him. He's that kind of horse!

I take this time of the year, to look over horse supply catalogs. I really don't need anything. I've pretty much got my gear and supplies. Well, there are always things I want. Overall, I've pretty much acquired the tack, gear and supplies I need. But, it's so much fun to look at all the great stuff in the catalogs!

Some women sit and study clothing catalogs, I study Valley Vet, Dover, Country Supply, Schneiders, Chicks, among others, and think about what I might be able to order in the future. Usually some pages get earmarked for something. Hubby has a favorite tool supply catalog he pours over, I have my horse supply catalogs!

My good friend, who has four horses, called me recently and told me she'd signed up for a Julie Goodnight training clinic in May. She wants me to sign up and go with her. I'd love to but right now I can't see past January 31! She even offered to take two of her horses, who are a little more adaptable at being away because she has shown them. My guys, unfortunately have not been anywhere but here for the past 4 years and I don't feel comfortable taking them until I have an opportunity to move them around in my own trailer. I haven't invested in a trailer yet. I'm hoping, maybe this year, we'll get a trailer. I've been looking at a couple of local dealers online. I have the model I want in mind, it's just the $$$ that I don't want to spend. Anyway, that aside, I may take her up on her offer, but I have to see the light at the end of the tunnel (January) before I really feel like planning anything into May.

Yep, January is definitely the longest month of the year for me. Some days, I could swear it was more like 45 days long, but as I mark off each day (just a habit) I can see that I'm not being fooled, there are only thirty one days in January. I don't know what it is but I've always felt this way as long as I can remember.

So, I'll keep my spirits as light as possible by looking through my most recent horse supply catalogs, and let the cold, wintry days of January slowly pass.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I think once the holidays are over and there is nothing to look forward to except cold and snow we all get the winter blues. Once January is over and it starts staying lighter longer each day it seems like there is not that long a time to go until spring. Catalogs are a good way to spend the time til warmer weather.

LJS82 said...

You are right about the holidays, and is seems no matter how I try not to get too caught up, it is always a downer come January 2.

The daylight helps, especially when there's sun shining. It's getting dark here around 6pm now, so that's a sign!

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm looking forward to spring as well. Seems like this has been the longest winter ever.

I love to pour over the catalogs too and look at all of the things I'd love to have but don't really need. LOL